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Exposure high level soccer coaching and demonstration is essential to soccer skill development. The old adage we are what we eat holds true. Athletes in order to grow and develop must be constantly exposed to high quality play, instruction, and utmost demonstration. Here at Golden Touch, instructors are chosen on their ability to demonstrate and instruct in a clear, concise manner to all ages, sexes, and ability levels. To be able to play the game is not enough to be on staff here at Golden Touch, you must also be able to teach the game at a high level.

Repetition is the key to rapid skill development.

All aspects of Golden Touch training whether it is individual skill training, or small group training, repetition remains as the single most determinate of rapid soccer development. Quite simply, the more touches on the ball a player is given the quicker that player's progress and growth. Repetition with positive reinforcement, and positive guidance will rapidly set your player on his or her way to achieving their maximum potential.

Gear it for success is the foundation to the Golden Touch methodology.

Your player wants to succeed, and we want your player to succeed. All sessions and elements of soccer training must be attainable to the player. Careful consideration and detail is given to program concept and design to assure that what is taught is age and ability appropriate. This is where Golden Touch staff excel in training techniques. Our instructors are able to modify each element of training to make it challenging yet attainable to all ages and abilities. So, whether a Golden Touch instructor has a co-ed group or a group with mixed abilities they modify & vary each element, making sure each player is challenged to achieve success.

Let the games teach is a vital element in the Golden Touch programs.

The use of small sided soccer combines to produce game like tempo, simulation, and increases exposure to the ball. This combination of "game like" atmosphere and increased ball touches accelerates the growth of each player. Not only does it solidify their individual skills, but it helps them to understand the more intricate aspects of soccer and team play. Our instructors constantly monitor and evaluate game play, pointing out areas of negative, and positive play as reinforcement teaching. The excitement of playing, combined with the positive reinforcement of techniques, tactics and team play, you have one very happy, motivated camper. 

Make it fun and exciting is the bottom line to our teaching.

No matter what the age or ability level of a player, fun and excitement combined with learning produces the optimal results. We want all players that attend a Golden Touch program to totally enjoy themselves in a safe environment while they receive, what we believe, to be one of the highest level, soccer educational programs anywhere. We want to share and pass on our passion, and knowledge of the game to your player. We want your player to experience the Golden Touch.